Linton Police Department Plans Strong Presence to Deter Drunk Driving During March

Linton Police Department Car

Just as basketball is stirring up a great deal of activity this March, more than 250 Indiana law enforcement agencies are planning to launch action of their own. Beginning Friday, February 28, the Linton Police Department will initiate a major law enforcement effort to crack down on impaired and dangerous driving.

“We will have a strong and visible police presence aimed at deterring dangerous driving and getting impaired drivers off the street,” said Chief Troy Jerrell. “If you plan to drink alcohol– don’t drive. Designate a sober driver.”

The increased enforcement effort, which lasts through March 23, encompasses St. Patrick’s Day and many March sporting events. Last March, the Linton Police Department arrested five motorists for drunk, impaired, or dangerous driving.

Jerrell recommends these easy steps for a safe March and St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin.
  • Before drinking, designate a sober driver and leave your car keys at home.
  • If you’re impaired, use a taxi, call a sober friend or family member, or use public transportation.
  • If available, use your community’s sober ride program.
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, contact local police.
  • If you know someone who is about to drive while impaired, take the keys and help that person make other arrangements to get to where he or she is going safely.

Linton Police February 27

The Linton Police Department’s report for Wednesday included one information only call, one custody dispute/exchange, one death investigation, two structure fires, one missing/runaway juvenile, one property damage accident, three medical/illness calls, one harassment complaint, one bomb threat, and one fingerprint for a gun permit.

Linton Police February 26

The Linton Police Department’s report for Tuesday included four follow-up investigations, one juvenile/delinquent, one school or foot patrol, four medical/illness calls, one alarm, one VIN check, one harassment complaint, one theft/other, one miscellaneous fingerprinting, two warrant arrests, one domestic dispute, two ordinance violations, one battery, and one traffic stop.


Woman Arrested at Church of Christ


A Bloomfield woman was taken into custody Monday night after an officer with the Linton Police Department was dispatched to the Church of Christ.

Officer Nick Yingling was called to the church around 8 p.m. and allegedly found Mary K. Brian, 45, fighting with multiple people inside the building. According to an LPD news release, Yingling told Brian to stop but she attempted to fight with him.

Yingling stated that he could smell the odor of alcohol on her breath, and that she told him she had been drinking whiskey. He took her into custody and transported her to the Greene County Jail.

Brian faces a preliminary charge of public intoxication, a class B misdemeanor. Her bond was set at $500 with an optional amount of $50 (ten percent) and she was released on Tuesday.


Greene County Drug Task Force Investigation Leads to Arrests in Linton

Mickey Tosti

The Linton Police Department served numerous warrants for drug-related offenses early Tuesday morning.

The arrests were due to an ongoing Greene County Drug Task Force Investigation led by Detective Joshua Goodman.

At around 12 a.m., Investigating Officer Paul Clark served Mickey L. Tosti, 61, with a warrant issued for three counts of dealing methamphetamine. According to an LPD news release, Tosti and others fled to the back of the Linton residence and attempted to destroy potential evidence. Officers entered the home to try to prevent the loss of evidence, and allegedly located numerous drug-related items in plain view.

Officers then obtained and executed a search warrant for the home.

Linton resident Brandon S. Missel, 30, was allegedly found hiding underneath the house. Missel was wanted on a warrant for dealing in a controlled substance.

55-year-old Juan R. Rodriguez, Jr. was taken into custody at Linton’s mobile manor at around 3:30 a.m. He was also wanted on a warrant for dealing in a controlled substance.

Officer Nick Yingling, Greene County Sheriff’s Department Deputies Jeffrey Brown and Harvey Holt, and Jasonville Police Department Detective Ryan Van Horn assisted.

Linton Police February 24

The Linton Police Department’s report for the weekend included one littering, one trespassing, one records check, one fraud, three title checks, three follow-up investigations, four information only calls, one lifting assistance, three after-hours utility calls, one criminal mischief, one utility repair, one structure fire, two personal injury accidents, two property damage accidents, seven medical/illness calls, two alarms, five animal complaints, one VIN check, two suspicious vehicles/persons, one assist to another agency, one harassment complaint, one possibly intoxicated driver, one extra patrol, one theft/other, one bicycle theft, two welfare checks/concerns, four fingerprints for gun permits, two arrests on warrants, two domestic disputes, one shoplifting, one abandoned vehicle, one community relations, and fifteen traffic stops.

Indiana State Police, Linton Police Department Seize over 700 Grams of Synthetic Drugs

Robert Ceol

A drug investigation by ISP Trooper Richard Klun and members of the Linton Police Department led the Greene Superior Court to issue a search warrant early Wednesday morning for a residence located at 11th Street Northwest in Linton. Trooper Klun, along with the Linton Police Department, the Jasonville Police Department, the Worthington Police Department and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, served the warrant, which revealed more information and evidence in the case.

A search of the residence revealed numerous items of drug paraphernalia and more than 700 grams of synthetic drugs or a synthetic drug lookalike substance. Also located in the residence were schedule II pills, multiple digital scales, packaging material, latex gloves, numerous smoking devices, other controlled prescription substances and a significant amount of US currency, which is suspected gains of illegal transactions.

Linton residents Robert Ceol, 31, and Brooke Hamoel, 20, were arrested.

Ceol faces preliminary charges of:

  • Dealing in a synthetic drug
  • Possession of a schedule II controlled substance
  • Possession of a schedule III controlled substance
  • Maintaining a common nuisance
  • Possession of a synthetic drug
  • Possession of paraphernalia

Hamoel faces preliminary charges of:

  • Dealing in a synthetic drug
  • Maintaining a common nuisance
  • Possession of a synthetic drug
  • Possession of paraphernalia

Anyone with any information regarding this case is asked to contact the Indiana State Police at the Bloomington Post at 1-812-332-4411 or 1-800-423-1286. Your information can remain confidential.

Linton Police February 20

The Linton Police Department’s report for Wednesday included one search warrant service, two information only calls, four after-hours utility calls, one custody dispute/exchange, one medical/illness call, one suspicious vehicle or person, one assist to another agency, two thefts/other, one animal/debris in roadway, three fingerprints for gun permits, one miscellaneous fingerprint, one domestic dispute, and one traffic stop.

Linton Police February 19

The Linton Police Department’s report for Tuesday included one records check, one medical/extraction, one follow-up investigation, three lifting assistances, two after-hours utility calls, one utility repair, two personal injury accidents, one property damage accident, one medical/illness call, one animal complaint, one assist to another agency, one reckless driver, four fingerprints for gun permits, one miscellaneous fingerprint, one animal/canine removal, and one traffic stop.


40-Year-Old Charged with Domestic Battery

michael boulanger

Early Sunday morning, Linton Police Department Officers Thomas Jerrels and Paul Clark responded to a Linton residence regarding a domestic disturbance.

Forty-year-old Michael K. Boulanger, Jr., allegedly told the officers that he had been in an argument with his wife because he had been out consuming alcohol with his friends instead of being at home with her and her juvenile child.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the woman said Boulanger was being belligerent when he came home from drinking with a friend, and that an argument began because of his behavior towards her. She stated that he began throwing kitchen items and cleared the coffee table off with his arm before attempting to destroy her piano.

She told the officers that when she tried to leave the room Boulanger grabbed her by the hair and slammed her to the floor and that she was gasping for air when she hit the ground.

Jerrels stated in the court document that he observed a large swollen area on her head.

The juvenile said he woke up when the woman yelled, and that during the argument Boulanger had her pinned to the floor and hit or kicked her.

Jerrels observed that the contents of the living room table had been flung across the living room, that there were numerous items thrown into the kitchen sink, and that damage to the drywall behind the piano seemed to have been made by the edges of the instrument. He stated that he believed the damage supported the woman’s statement.

Boulanger allegedly told Jerrels that he tried to go to bed when the argument became heated, but that the woman went into the bedroom and began throwing objects at him, including a piano bench. He then reportedly stated that he did not strike her, but did shove her away.

Boulanger is charged with domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 16, a class D felony.

Linton Woman Faces Preliminary Charges of Theft, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Law Enforcement

submitted photo

Angel R. Walls, 29, of Linton, was arrested and preliminarily charged with theft, resisting law enforcement, and disorderly conduct on Feb. 15 at the Roosevelt Mission.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Linton Police Officer Nick Yingling was made aware of the theft of a cell phone during a routine investigation. At the time, the victim reported that Walls stole the phone from his residence.

According to the court document, Yingling located Walls at the Roosevelt Mission in Linton, but she denied having the cell phone. At this point, Indiana State Trooper Richard Klun was called in to assist. At the time, Walls asked if she was going to jail and Yingling replied that she would not go to jail if she produced the phone. Walls continued to deny having the phone. She was then advised of her Pirtle warning and immediately refused consent to search.

Yingling and Klun continued to investigate the matter and further questioned the victim. According to the court document, Walls had asked the victim to borrow some money and the victim was going to comply with the request. According to the victim, Walls was at his residence at the time of the request, but suddenly left. Shortly after her leaving, the victim then realized that his Motorola flip cell phone was gone from its charger, $45 was missing from his wallet, $102 was missing from a box in his bedroom, and $80 was missing from his coffee table. The victim also reported that no one else had been at the residence.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the victim also told officers that while at the American Legion a woman had told him that a random female was calling her from his phone. The victim then told the woman that his phone had been stolen.

Officers then conducted an investigation with the woman. The woman reported that she received two calls from the victim’s phone and both times the caller was a female. The woman also reported knowing the victim and noted she had his phone number saved as a contact in her phone. The woman also noted that she called the victim’s phone and that she spoke with a female. During the conversation, the woman asked if she was speaking to Angel Walls and the female replied that she was Angel Walls. The woman then asked Walls if she had stolen the phone, but Walls hung up on her.

At this point, Officers Yingling and Klun along with Officer Thomas Jerrels returned to the Roosevelt Mission to find Walls. According to the court document, Walls was told that a witness had reportedly spoken with her on the victim’s phone, but Walls continued to deny having the phone and began cursing and yelling. Walls allegedly continued to act erratically, was uncooperative, and was then detained by Officer Jerrels. She was then advised of her Miranda Rights and waived her right to remain silent. Officer Paul Clark was then called on scene to assist.

Officers continued to search for the phone as well as conducted interviews with residents at the Roosevelt Mission. Walls reportedly continued to become agitated and was made to sit down by Officer Yingling. Walls also continued cursing and refused to calm down even after being told she would be arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.

According to the court document, the phone was then found under the bed of a resident. At this time, Walls was asked why she stole the phone and replied that she didn’t have any minutes on her phone and needed to talk to people. The phone was verified to be the victim’s.

Walls faces the following preliminary charges: Theft, a class D felony; resisting law enforcement, a class A misdemeanor; and disorderly conduct, a class B misdemeanor.

Worthington Man Facing Drug Charges

ronald bays

A warrant for Ronald A. Bays, 27, was issued on Wednesday. Bays was taken into custody for alleged possession of marijuana with a prior conviction, a class D felony, and maintaining a common nuisance, a class D felony.

The charges stem from an incident on November 1 of last year, when Linton Police Officer Nick Yingling stopped a car because of possible illegal window tint. Indiana State Police Trooper Richard Klun and Linton K9 Handler Tom Jerrels and his K9 partner, Charlie, were also on scene.

According to a probable cause affidavit, while Yingling conducted the normal business of the traffic stop, Jerrels and Charlie conducted a free air sniff around the vehicle and Charlie alerted to controlled narcotics within the car.

Bays allegedly refused to consent to a search of his vehicle, and Yingling informed Klun that he spontaneously uttered that he had a joint under his driver’s side floor mat. Klun stated that he then handcuffed Bays and asked him if he had any contraband in his vehicle, which he denied. Klun then informed Bays that he was lying and had just told another officer there was a joint in his car.

Klun said in the court document that Bays then indicated that clearly it would be better to just tell the truth, and informed him that there was a bag with marijuana in the center console.

Officers reportedly recovered paraphernalia and 109.2 grams of a green plant-like material that field-tested positive for marijuana.

Klun took Bays to the LPD for a recorded interview, and Bays allegedly admitted to possessing over 30 grams of marijuana with plans to sell about one ounce and keep the rest for himself. Klun said Bays stated that he had just picked up the marijuana that day and was heading home when he was stopped.

Bays’ bond was set at $8,000 with an optional amount of $800 (ten percent) and he was released from the Greene County Jail on Thursday.

Linton Police February 14

The Linton Police Department statistic report for Thursday includes the following: Two utility calls, one drug investigation, two funeral escorts, two medical illnesses, one assist to another agency, one harassment complaint, two disabled/stranded vehicles, and one traffic stop.


Linton Man Accused of Threatening Woman with Knife

jeffrey wood

Jeffery P. Wood, 45, of Linton was arrested on alleged charges of intimidation with a deadly weapon and battery resulting in an injury in the presence of a minor on Wednesday.

According to a preliminary press release from the Linton Police Department, officers were dispatched to a residence at NW C Street in reference to a domestic disturbance.

Upon the arrival of LPD officers, Det. Sgt. Josh Goodman reported that numerous household items and furniture had been thrown into the front yard and onto the front porch, and the inside of the residence was also out-of-order.

Through the investigation, officers learned that Wood and his domestic partner had experienced a verbal altercation earlier in the day.

According to the press release, Wood’s domestic partner told officers that Wood grabbed a knife, pointed it at her, and threatened to kill her. She also told officers that Wood stabbed the knife into the wall of the residence as well as grabbed her by the hair, caused her physical pain, and removed her from the residence.

During the investigation, officers located the knife that was described by the victim and noted damage to the wall. The knife’s blade had a substance consistent to drywall on it. A child was also present during the incident.

According to the preliminary press release, Wood claimed that the incident did not happen.

Wood was arrested and transported to the Greene County Jail.

Intimidation with a deadly weapon is a class C felony and battery resulting in an injury in the presence of a minor is a class D felony.

Linton Police Officer Chad Crynes assisted in this investigation.






Linton Police February 12

The Linton Police Department statistic report for Tuesday includes the following: One lifting assistance, one utility repair, one funeral escort, two medical/illnesses, one harassment complaint, and two domestic disputes.

Worthington Town Council Tends to Housekeeping Items

Photo by Daryn Lewellyn

Police matters, a traffic ordinance, and other housekeeping items were the business at hand during the Worthington Town Council’s regular monthly meeting on Tuesday.

In police business, Council Member Malcolm Stahl explained that newly hired Worthington Deputy Thomas Clements had not been properly following police regulations and recommended the termination of Clements.

“We’ve already had a problem with him and he’s only been deputy marshal for about a month,” Stahl explained, noting Clements’s unprofessionalism.

The council approved the recommendation to terminate Clements.

Town Marshal Randy Raney will hire Michael Harroll, as the new deputy marshal.

Harroll was formerly employed with the Linton Police Department, but was laid off due to recent budget cuts, Raney noted.

During the meeting, the council also adopted a traffic ordinance. The ordinance will allow traffic citations to be filed through the Greene County Superior Court.

The Indiana State Board of Accounts is requiring cities and towns to begin filing traffic ordinance citations through the court system instead of allowing persons to pay through the town/city clerk.

In other business, the council agreed to amend the recent procedure for handing out payroll checks to include those employees without spouses to signify a person that is allowed to pick up their checks.

During the meeting, Street Superintendent David Dyer reported that all equipment except for one grader has been serviced.

Dyer also said that people have been parking their vehicles on the sidewalks and there’s an ordinance against this.

“I hate it. They’re breaking [the sidewalks] down,” he said.

Council Member Stahl then told Marshal Raney to see to the matter.

During the street report discussion, Council Member Rhonda Lieske thanked several locals for shoveling sidewalks.

Dyer then noted the following people as those who have shoveled sidewalks: John Rogers, Todd Stipp, Rick Stanley, Bobby Wilson, and Andy Fuller.

“We appreciate these people taking their own time and using their own equipment,” Lieske added.

In fire territory business, Council Member Stahl noted that minimal claims were paid during last week’s meeting.

In park board business, Council Member Lieske said that a Longaberger Pottery Bingo fundraiser is slated for May 1. The event will raise money for the playground.

She also thanked Todd Fulford for his recent roof work to the gazebo.

The Worthington Police report for the month of January notes the following: Four thefts and one operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

In other business, the council:

  • Agreed to once again table the building inspector item.
  • Agreed to allow Todd Fulford to paint the office at the police department.

Linton Police February 11

The Linton Police Department’s report for Monday included one title check, one information only call, three medical/illness calls, two alarms, one suspicious person or vehicle, and two harassment complaints.


Updated: Two Women Accused of Criminal Confinement, Battery Now in Custody

Submitted photo: Cynthia Cox


The Indiana State Police, along with the Linton Police Department, the Worthington Police Department, and the Greene County Sheriff’s Department captured the two women who were accused of battery and criminal confinement early Saturday evening.

Kathleen E. Featherstone and Cynthia R. Cox are alleged to have repeatedly attacked another woman, struck her with a vehicle and then drove away.

Arrest warrants had previously been issued for Featherstone and Cox for Criminal Confinement, a Class C Felony and Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury, a Class A Misdemeanor.

The Linton Police Department investigation had revealed the alleged victim in this case had several injuries to her face including bruising, bleeding, redness and swelling. Officers were also able to determine the vehicle involved was a white 2005 four-door Chevrolet Cavalier.

An anonymous call to 911 from an alert citizen who spotted the two women at the Dollar General Store Saturday night resulted in their arrests without incident.

Linton PD Chief Troy Jerrell said if anyone has any further information about this investigation, they are asked to contact the Linton Police Department at 812-847-4411 or contact Greene County Crime Stoppers by calling 812-TIP-LINE, (812-847-5463) or toll free at 866-446-4672.

Original Post, Feb. 7, 10:07 p.m.

The Linton Police Department and the Indiana State Police are searching for two women who are accused of repeatedly attacking another woman and then striking her with a vehicle.

Warrants have been issued for Cynthia R. Cox and Kathleen E. Featherstone for criminal confinement, a class C felony, and battery resulting in bodily injury, a class A misdemeanor.

According to Indiana State Police, LPD officers interviewed the alleged victim and found several injuries to her face including bruising, bleeding, redness, and swelling.  They also determined that the vehicle involved was a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier.

In a news release, LPD Chief Troy Jerrell said that Greene County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of Cox and Featherstone.

Jerrell stated that if anyone has any information about this incident or the location of the two suspects, they are asked to contact the LPD at 812-847-4411 or Greene County Crime Stoppers at 812-TIP-LINE (812-847-5463) or toll free at 866-446-4672.


Updated: Power Line Down in Linton Due to Vehicle Accident

Multiple homes in the Linton area were without electricity when a vehicle accident by the former Jack Wheeler Ford building resulted in a downed power line Friday night.  

Deputy Bobby Pierce, of the Greene County Sheriff’s Department, stated in a news release that  26-year-old Matthew A. Johnson reported losing control of his 98 Oldsmobile Bravada at the intersection of State Road 54 and State Road 59.

Johnson allegedly told Pierce that he may have been traveling too fast and believed he struck ice when his vehicle crossed the center line on State Road 54 and traveled about 400 feet off the roadway and across other traffic lanes.  According to Pierce, the Dugger resident’s vehicle struck a utility pole and then a ditch, rolled over, and came to rest upside down.

Greene County Ambulance Service took Johnson to Greene County General Hospital to be treated for lacerations to his side and leg, as well as neck pain.

The intersection was shut down for several hours so that REMC could repair the utility pole and restore electricity.  The investigation into the accident is pending.

The Linton Police Department, the Linton Fire Department, and INDOT all assisted at the scene.


Linton Man Charged with Auto Theft, Criminal Mischief


William J. Rose, 33, is accused of stealing a car and destroying his ex-wife’s property.

On Thursday, a woman told Investigating Officer Paul Clark, of the Linton Police Department, that she and the suspect finalized their divorce that day. She said that she and Rose had an argument Thursday evening and that he began cutting up her clothing with a large knife.

The woman stated that Rose also took her gold Dodge Caravan without permission, and damaged the front window.

According to an LPD news release, Officer Thomas Jerrels found Rose driving the Caravan.  The knife that was allegedly used to damage the woman’s clothing was inside the vehicle.

Rose is preliminarily charged with auto theft, a class D felony, and criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor. His bond was set at $4,500 with an optional amount of $450 (ten percent).

Linton Police February 7

The Linton Police Department’s report for Thursday included one breaking and entering, five follow-up investigations, one information only call, one school/foot patrol, one utility repair, one property dispute, two property damage accidents, one animal complaint, two suspicious vehicles/persons, one extra patrol, one disabled/stranded vehicle, two welfare checks/concerns, one prank or false 911 call, one domestic dispute, and one battery.


Man Allegedly Broke into CVS to Pay off Drug Debts


A Linton man was arrested early Thursday morning, after allegedly breaking into the Linton CVS Pharmacy.

At shortly before 1 a.m., Linton dispatch received a call from the CVS Central Alarm, stating that they were currently observing a subject on camera hitting a window with a hammer.

Linton Police Department Sergeant Chad Crynes drove to CVS Pharmacy and saw that the drive through window was busted out. A hammer, a black glove, and a gray hat were on the ground. He looked in the drive through window and saw a man with a flashlight going through shelves in the pharmacy.

Crynes stated in a probable cause affidavit filed in the Greene Superior Court on Thursday that he recognized the man as 29-year-old Jamison K. Wease. Crynes said that when he asked if anyone else was in the building, Wease initially replied that someone was, but that after a brief moment he admitted that he was the only person in the pharmacy. Officers later cleared the store, and no other people were found.

Crynes ordered Wease to exit the building through the window, and then took him into custody and later interviewed him at the Linton Police Department.

Wease allegedly told Crynes that he had been going through a rough time in his life and had got himself into a situation where he owed some people for a drug debt. He said he spontaneously came up with the idea to break into CVS Pharmacy and that he felt he could repay his debt and get out of his situation by taking pills and/or narcotics.

Crynes stated that Wease said he was the only person involved and that no one else was aware of his intentions.

Wease reportedly described how he had difficulty getting the window to break and became upset, hitting the window repeatedly. He said he tried to get into the first hole he made but it was too small, so he hit the window more to make the hole larger, and also that he was only inside for about five to 10 seconds before he heard Crynes yelling at him.

Crynes said Wease told him that he knew he was going to get caught when he heard the alarm activate but that he really did not care because he wanted to get caught, since his addiction had gotten out of control and he felt the only way to fix his addiction was to get caught.

Wease is charged with burglary, a class C felony, attempted theft, a class D felony, and criminal mischief, a class A misdemeanor. His bond was set at $14,000 with an optional amount of $1,400 (ten percent).


Linton Police February 6

The Linton Police Department’s report for Wednesday included one fraud, one follow-up investigation, one information only call, one custody dispute/exchange, two utility repairs, two medical/illness calls, one alarm, one harassment complaint, one disabled/stranded vehicle, one welfare check/concern, one assist to a fire department, one domestic dispute, and one battery.

City of Linton to Experience a Power Outage Tuesday at Midnight

stock photo

Different locations within the city of Linton will experience a power outage Tuesday at approximately midnight. The outage will last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

Information on the exact problem is not available at this time, but an issue was spotted and preparations have been made to fix the issue.

If your residence utilities stay off for more than this time period, please check the LPD Facebook page or local online media pages for updates. During power outages, LPD phone lines get overwhelmed and you can often get the information quicker through these sources.

If you do not see any updates and are still without power, please contact the LPD at 812-847-4411.

The city of Linton does not anticipate any problems during this shutdown, but it is always better to be prepared in case unforeseen complications occur.

Linton Police February 3

The Linton Police Department’s report for the weekend included two breaking and entering, seven information only, two after-hours utility calls, three vandalism calls, one school/foot patrol, one utility repair, one vehicle repossession, one public intoxication, three structure fires, one accident with property damage, one lost and found, seven medical/illness calls, one alarm, five animal complaints, one prowler, one VIN check, one suspicious person/vehicle, three assists to other agencies, three harassment complaints, one driving while suspended, one reckless driver, one traffic control, twelve thefts/other, one disabled/stranded vehicle, one bicycle theft, one welfare check/concern, one motor vehicle theft, one arrest on a warrant, one assist to a fire department, three domestic disputes, and three traffic stops.