Greene County General Hospital Partners with White River Valley Elementary to Offer Telehealth Services

Greene County General Hospital’s medical clinics, My Clinics, in collaboration with the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA) have partnered with WRV Elementary to offer healthcare services via telehealth technology, a first for the county. This school-based service provides students the opportunity to see a licensed health care provider without leaving school.

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication and information technology, known as Agnes Interactive, which provides clinical healthcare from a distance. When a student presents symptoms that are beyond the scope of care for the school nurse, the student will be seen by a My Clinics’ licensed provider via the Agnes Interactive software two-way video and virtual diagnostic equipment. Exams requested by this provider will utilize the interactive technology that allows a high-resolution visualization of the student’s ears, throat, and skin as well as a high-fidelity sound of student’s heart and lungs, resulting in an accurate medical assessment without the student needing to leave school.

The services provided at WRV Elementary via telehealth include diagnoses and treatment for acute illnesses such as strep throat, ear infections, rashes, and influenza as well as the treatment of minor injuries, limited laboratory testing, and the management and ongoing care of existing medical conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Greene County General Hospital’s Director of Nursing, Kristin Crynes, will oversee the WRV school nurse program to ensure the services offered are in compliance with Indiana Department of Education’s regulations. To participate in the program the student must have prior parent/guardian consent and fees are appropriately billed to insurance by the My Clinics.

WRV School Corporation received a grant for funding and program support from IRHA to establish the services. The IRHA launched the first telehealth clinic in 2016 in Elwood and plans to open five per year in Indiana from now through 2020.

‘My Clinics’ Offers Integrated Health Care Options

Recently opened in four Greene County locations, My Clinic is now open in Linton. Operated under the umbrella of the Greene County General Hospital, the four offices have taken a ‘branded’ approach to health care, with an emphasis on conformity.

At all My Clinic locations, staff are easily recognizable as such, with all wearing the gunmetal-gray polo shirts emblazoned with the My Clinics logo designed by GCGH CEO Brenda Reetz, a former graphic designer.

The same muted colors decorate the locations, with one exception.

At the Linton My Clinic location, the sprawling offices are divided in two, with the east side sporting the familiar grays and blues of My Clinic offices in Bloomfield, WestGate and Worthington and the west half, the My Clinic Women’s Health Center, decorated in grays and greens.

“This is two clinics in one,” said Reetz. “To avoid confusion, the Women’s Health Center on the left has a green door and My Linton Clinic on the right has a gray door.”

With the addition of the specialized clinic for women, patients can now access a host of services in one location, including routine gynecological screenings and exams, annual exams, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, management of reproductive and gynecological issues across a woman’s lifespan, pap smears, pelvic exams, breast exams, family planning and counseling, prenatal care and delivery planning, fellowship-trained providers capable of performing C-section deliveries, lactation support, blood work and other diagnostic studies, a full range of contraceptive counseling and services including IUD’s, implants and sterilization by tubal ligation, cancer screenings and the management of peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopausal health including hormone replacement therapy.

The office is staffed by two board-certified OB/GYN doctors, Douglas Lawson, MD and Youssef Rezk, MD, MS, FACOG (Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) specializing in women’s reproductive health, pregnancy and childbirth.

“Expectant moms can have regular OB/GYN checkups, we can draw complete labs for blood work, we do IUD removals, cyst removals and soon we will be offering pelvic rehab for new mothers,” Reetz said.

All four clinics employ on-site social workers who rotate between locations, electronic recordkeeping, access to GCGH’s online patient portal and text reminders for appointments.

The Women’s Health Center offers six exam rooms and one procedure room, and the adjoining My Linton Clinic family practice side boasts nine exam rooms and one procedure room.

On the family practice side, providers Dr. Gene Bourgasser, Dr. Frederick Ridge, FNP Lisa Bredeweg and FNP Jane Heidinger will be joined in August by FNP Amanda Brinson, the daughter of Dr. Frederick Ridge.

Reetz and the My Clinics staffers are actively seeking patient feedback. Patients wishing to provide feedback may do so via telephone, email, the GCGH website or their Facebook page.

By Patti Danner, Staff Writer Greene County Daily World

Greene County General Participates in “Sculpture in Public Places” Program

There is a new addition to the Greene County General Hospital family, a sculpture located on the southwest grassy area of the hospital’s main entrance. GCGH was selected to host the fifth and final sculpture for the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, located in Solsberry, “Sculpture in Public Places” program. The Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum has, for the last eight years, offered a “Sculpture in Public Places” which involves five organizations; the Bloomfield-Eastern Greene County Public Library, the French Lick Casino, Eastern Greene Elementary School, The Owen Valley Winery, and now GCGH, displaying a sculpture on their property.

The GCGH sculpture faces what will be the walking trail that has been planned to extend from the hospital to Humphry’s Park. Brenda Reetz, CEO of GCGH, who was instrumental in planning the location of the sculpture, welcomed the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, “we are thrilled to support the sculpture trails and offer this to our community. When choosing a spot, we were mindful of the future walking trail and wanted a place that the public would be able to enjoy it the most.”

The sculpture trails program will rotate sculptures bi-annually between each location. The program ensures that each location is without risk or restoration upkeep and offers fresh new art installations on the bi-annual schedule. Kyle Cross, Director of the Greene County General Hospital Foundation, submitted a grant to the Greene County Foundation to cover the costs associated with the program.

Clinic Transition FAQ’s

Greene County General Hospital is dedicated to providing our communities with quality health care. At this time we are opening four clinics under Greene County General Hospital’s management: My Linton Clinic, My Bloomfield Clinic, My WestGate Clinic, and My Worthington Clinic. These clinics, formally managed by Greene County Health Inc., will serve patients beginning June 19th, 2018. We understand that patients have questions regarding this transition so we compiled a list of our top frequently asked questions. If you have further questions or concerns or would like to schedule an appointment with one of the clinics, please call 812-847-8906.

Top Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where will each of the My Clinics providers be located?
  • My Linton Clinic– Dr. Gene Bourgasser, Dr. Frederick Ridge, Jane Heidinger,NP; Lisa Bredeweg,NP;
  • My Linton Clinic Women’s Health Center– Dr. Youseff Rezk, Dr. Douglas Lawson, and in private practice, Dr. Elizabeth Mateos (Both clinics located at 210 N. 1000 W. Linton, IN 47441)
  • My Bloomfield Clinic– Dr. Owen Batterton, Dr. Josh Cullison (located at 55 N. Judge Street Bloomfield, IN 47424)
  • My WestGate Clinic– Autumn Nonte, NP (located at 1985 E. Freedom Drive Newberry, IN 47449
  • My Worthington Clinic– Angela Barnett (Kenworthy), NP and Linda Swango, NP (located at 102 E. Main Street Worthington, IN 47471)


  1. If my provider is a Greene County Health Inc. provider where do my records go?
  • The records will stay with the Greene County Health Inc.


  1. Do I need to transfer my records if I want to be a patient of the My Clinics?
  • My Clinics will be able to access your patient records once you establish as a patient in one of the My Clinic locations.


  1. What will the hours of My Clinics be?
  • Monday-Friday. My Linton Clinic– 7am-7pm. My Bloomfield Clinic– 7am-7pm. My WestGate Clinic– 7am-7pm. My Worthington Clinic– 7am-7pm. We do not accept walk-ins


  1. After June 19th, 2018 what numbers do we call for the My Clinics?
  • My Linton Clinic– 812-847-5304, My Bloomfield Clinic– 812-384-3508,  My WestGate Clinic– 812-863-4250, My Worthington Clinic– 812-875-2000


  1. What if I have an existing appointment?
  • Your appointment will remain the same. If you have an appointment with Dr. Bourgasser, the appointment will be rescheduled to My Linton Clinic.


  1. Who will the My Clinics billing statement come from?
  • Greene Co. General Hospital- My Clinics


  1. Do I have to complete new paperwork for the My Clinics?
  • Yes and we will make this process as easy as possible for you.


  1. I do not have a primary care provider. Does it matter?
  • No


  1. What type of insurance does the My clinics accept?
  • We accept most insurances. Medicare Part A and C, Medicaid, CHIP, Any Job-Based Coverage, COBRA, TRICARE, and VA health coverage. Some other kinds of coverage qualify. If you need assistance obtaining health insurance, please call PACE’s expert team of Navigators for more information at 812-890-2322


  1. I do not have insurance, is this an issue?
  • We do have a navigator that can help you find insurance. PACE’s expert team of Navigators work out of the Hospital’s Business Office and are ready to help. The Business Office is located at 1206 N. 1000 W, Suite C. Navigators work regular office hours but have the flexibility to work off-hours to accommodate your busy schedule. To schedule an appointment call Pace Navigator directly at 812-890-2322


  1. What is the payment policy?
  • We have an established payment plan policy- financial assistance policy is located on our website.


  1. How do I get my prescriptions refilled?
  • Call the providers office and please allow 24 hours for refills.


  1. How do I get disability/FMLA forms completed?
  • Schedule an appointment. The cost to fill out forms is $20.


  1. Who do we call for questions about bills we have from Greene County Health Inc.?
  • Please call 812-847-7005


  1. Who do I call if I have questions for my provider after hours?
  • Please call your provider’s clinic


  1. Who do I pay if I have an outstanding bill from Greene County Health Inc.?
  • Contact Greene County Health Inc. at 812-847-7005

Greene County General Hospital Participates in Trauma Simulation Training

Greene County General Hospital participated in a trauma simulation training on June 7, 2018 under the leadership of GCGH’s Medical Director of Emergency Services, Dr. Michael Gamble. The simulation, conducted by the Rural Health Innovation Collaborative, trained the Emergency Services staff to handle severe medical trauma events.

Greene County General Hospital’s CEO, Brenda Reetz, was thrilled to support and host the simulation training. “We are happy to support the experience and training this simulation provides our employees so that we can ensure that we are ready when our community needs us” says Reetz.

The simulation training, organized by GCGH’s Director of Clinical Education, Lisa Rupska and Laura Livingston, from the RHIC, was made possible by a grant from the West Central Indiana Area Health Education Center. The AHEC represents individuals from under-represented minority and disadvantaged rural and medically underserved backgrounds in health professions, particularly primary care. The simulation, which included a mock gunshot wound victim, took place throughout the day in GCGH’s Emergency and Medical/Surgical Departments.

Following the morning training session, GCGH hosted a Lunch and Learn, The Opiate Crisis and Stigma, at the Linton First Christian Church. The lunch included keynote speaker, Dr. Randy Stevens. Dr. Stevens is a renowned Family Medicine and Occupational Health and Addictions Specialist from Terre Haute, IN.

Greene County General Hospital Announces Spring Scholarship Winners

Greene County General Hospital has announced the 2018 winners of the four scholarships open to Greene County students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare.

Three scholarships in memory of Dr. Mathias Mount and Eleanor C. Mount, were awarded to graduating seniors Caroline Wilson, from Linton-Stockton High School, Sierra Padgett, from WRV High School, and Kelsey Moody, from Bloomfield High School. The scholarships, in the amount of $560.50, recognizes the past service of Dr. Mount, a longtime family practice physician from Bloomfield.

A fourth scholarship, Physicians of Greene County scholarship, was awarded to Benjamin Michael Cox. Cox is a graduate of Linton-Stockton High School. The scholarship, in the amount of $500, is given in recognition of every physician serving in the county. All Greene County high school and college students, with career intentions in healthcare are eligible to apply each year.

Open applications for these scholarships are announced annually after the first of the year. Applications are available through high school guidance counselors and are found in the lobby at the hospital’s main entrance. You can also apply on the hospital’s website,

Extraordinary Employees Recognized at Greene County General Hospital

Nurses at Greene County General Hospital are being honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. Employees outside of nursing staff are also being honored with the PETAL Award for exceptional service.

Jenna Brown, RN, who works in the hospital’s Medical/Surgical unit, was the DAISY Award Winner. Nurses recognized as DAISY nominees included Eric Corbin, RN, Kim Zorman, RN, CharLene Mowery, RN, Susan O’Neall, RN, Teresa Egnew, RN, Tabitha Ferree, RN, and Connie Bedwell, LPN.

Gerri Jackson, who works in the hospital’s Environmental Services Department, was the PETAL Award Winner. The PETAL award, standing for Performing Exceptional Tasks and Affirming Lives, is awarded to an employee nominated by patients or hospital staff. Employees recognized as PETAL nominees included Christine Smith, Jill Bailey, the Security Team, Candice Tatlock, Jeanne Patton, Jodi Sullivan, David Haddox, and Sara Russell.

Brown was nominated by both a staff member and a patient. The patient was especially appreciative to Brown and the Medical/Surgical staff for the outstanding and compassionate care she experienced during her stay earlier this year. The patient specifically nominated Brown for always providing “cheer and consideration” and for treating her “as a human, not an object.”

The not-for-profit DAISY Foundation is based in Glen Ellen, CA, and was established by family members in memory of J. Patrick Barns. Three times each year, a nurse is selected by Greene County General Hospital’s nursing administration to receive the DAISY Award. At a presentation given in front of the nurse’s colleagues, physicians, patients, and visitors, the honoree will receive a certificate commending her or him for being an “Extraordinary Nurse.”

To coincide with the DAISY Award, the hospital created the PETAL Award to acknowledge non-nursing staff for providing exceptional service to the hospital, patients, visitors, or colleagues. The employee is also presented with a certificate at a presentation given in front of their colleagues.

DAISY and PETAL Award applications will be accepted year-round at the hospital. Both award nomination forms are also available on the hospital’s website,

Michael Gamble, MD, MBA Named Medical Director of Emergency Services at Greene County General Hospital

Dr. Michael Gamble has been named as the new Medical Director of Emergency Services at Greene County General Hospital. Dr. Gamble steps into this role as a board certified Family Medicine and Emergency Medical Services physician who has practiced in GCGH’s Emergency Department for over fifteen years. As Medical Director, Dr. Gamble is heading a new group of physicians and an updated charting system for the Emergency Department.


GCGH previously contracted a medical staffing provider to provide physicians to the Emergency Department as needed but the new group of physicians are GCGH employees. Brenda Reetz, CEO of Greene County General Hospital is pleased with the change, “hiring physicians as hospital employees allows us to focus on choosing experienced and trusted physicians” Reetz explains, “when we hire a physician, we are interested in those who we would want caring for our own families.” This also means patients will be billed for emergency services directly from the hospital.


The Emergency Department has updated the charting system to an innovative emergency and urgent care specific system, T-System. Troy Gaither, RN, Director of Emergency Services, says the new charting system was developed to streamline the workflow. “This should enable us to document more efficiently and with greater speed, allowing us to improve our wait times while providing excellent care,” Gaither explains.

Prescription Take Back Day a Success at Greene County General Hosptial

On Saturday, April 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Greene County General Hospital, in partnership with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, and the Drug Enforcement Administration gave the public its first local opportunity to prevent pill abuse and theft by ridding their homes of potentially dangerous expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.  Residents brought pills for disposal to Greene County General Hospital at 1185 North 1000 West in Linton, IN.  The service was free and anonymous, and no questions were asked.


The DEA has provided 14 opportunities in 7 years to take back prescription medications. This is the first time, however, that Greene County General Hospital was registered as a collection site. Last fall, Americans turned in 456 tons (912,000 pounds) of prescription drugs at more than 5,300 sites operated by the DEA and almost 4,300 of its state and local law enforcement partners.  Overall, in its 14 previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners have taken in more than 9 million pounds—more than 4,500 tons—of pills.


This initiative addresses a vital public safety and public health issue.  Medicines that languish in home cabinets are highly susceptible to diversion, misuse, and abuse. Rates of prescription drug abuse in the U.S. are alarmingly high, as are the number of accidental poisonings and overdoses due to these drugs.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows year after year that the majority of misused and abused prescription drugs are obtained from family and friends, including someone else’s medication being stolen from the home medicine cabinet. In addition, Americans are now advised that their usual methods for disposing of unused medicines—flushing them down the toilet or throwing them in the trash—both pose potential safety and health hazards.

Spring for 2018?

Have we finally made it? The Bradford Pear trees lining Main Street seem to think so!

Physicians of Greene County Scholarship

Greene County General Hospital will award a $500 Physicians of Greene County scholarship. This scholarship is in recognition of the physicians of Greene County. Greene County high school students and college students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare are eligible to apply.

Click here for an application: Physicians of Greene Co-Scholarship Application 2018

Applications can be mailed to:

Greene County General Hospital

Attn: Administration

1185 N 1000 W

Linton, IN 47441


Applications must be received by April 15, 2018

The scholarship winner will be announced in May

Dr. Mathias Mount Memorial Scholarship

Greene County General Hospital will award three (3) $583.00 scholarships in memory of Dr. Mathias Mount and Eleanor C. Mount. The scholarship recognizes the past service of Dr. Mount, a longtime family practice physician from Bloomfield. Seniors enrolled in a Greene County high school and interested in pursuing a career in healthcare are eligible to apply.

Click here for an application: Dr. Mathias Mount Memorial Scholarship Application Packet 2017

Applications can be mailed to:

Greene County General Hospital

ATTN: Administration

1185 N. 1000 W.

Linton, IN 47441

Applications must be received by April 15, 2018

The scholarship winners will be announced in May

Linton Cinema to host 3rd Annual Free Summer Kids Films

Linton Cinema, via a post to their Facebook page, mentions that their 3rd Annual Free Summer Kids Films will begin on May 30th:

This is an amazing opportunity for kids during the summer break from school, and a good way to help support a local Linton business.

ICYMI: Inside INdiana Business Segment

Greene County General Hospital CEO, Brenda Reetz, was invited to sit for an interview on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick.  Brenda discussed the importance of rural health care and some of the challenges unique to rural hospitals not just in Indiana, but across the country.

To see the segment, click HERE.


Incubators Donated to FAME World Missions

Greene County General Hospital has been doing some fall cleaning. Every department has been working to implement a Lean business model that will make operations more efficient and keep the right supplies in stock while letting underused equipment go.

That is how two old infant incubators were identified and flagged for disposal. They were a little dated, had not been used in years, but were clean and operational. Then Chief Nursing Officer, Lea Ann Camp, began to wonder if they still had some good left in them.

Soon Camp was making calls and talking to mission-minded friends who knew exactly where those incubators could go.  They were needed in Africa.

FAME world missions is a leader in healthcare-based evangelism. This organization’s mission statement is to send “help and hope in the name of Christ to the world through medical evangelism,” and they were in great need of the incubators.

In just a few weeks, FAME had organized pick up and shipment of the incubators, and on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, the equipment started its long journey to begin a new life in Africa and give life to little ones in need.

To learn more about FAME, visit their website at

OB Nurse Manager, Teresa Hutton; FAME Director of Missions, Andy Schamerloh;and Chief Nursing Officer, Lea Ann Camp are ready to ship two, used incubators to Africa.

OB Nurse Manager, Teresa Hutton; FAME Director of Missions, Andy Schamerloh;and Chief Nursing Officer, Lea Ann Camp are ready to ship two, used incubators to Africa.

2015 Election Results – Linton Municipal Election

VOTE by flickr-Theresa Thompson

We’ll be posting the results from today’s Municipal Election following the closing of the polls at 6pm.

(Numbers last updated 7:06pm)


John A. Wilkes (D) John Ray Correll (R)
785 692


Jathan K. Wright (D) John D. Preble (R)
897 573

City Council

Stockton 3

Tony Richards (D)

Stockton 4

Richard “Dick” Kaiser (D) Linda Bedwell (I)
90 227

Stockton 5

Fred Markle (D)

Stockton 6

Jeff Sparks (D) Christopher M. Wathen (R)
178 172

Stockton 7

Jerry L. Ellett (D) Gregory R. Sapp (R)
190 138

Official election results are at

2015 Election Results – Linton Municipal Election

VOTE by flickr-Theresa Thompson

Warm, sunny weather greeted voters on Tuesday, November 3rd as they made their way to the polls for the 2015 Municipal Election in Linton, Indiana. Here are the results from races for Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, City Council.

John Wilkes defeated Republican challenger, John Correll in the Mayor’s race by 93 votes, while current Councilman, Jathan Wright, defeated John Preble for the Clerk-Treasurer’s seat. Fred Markle, Tony Richards, and Linda Bedwell will retain their seats on the City Council while Jeff Sparks and former Councilman, Jerry Ellett,  will now represent the 6th and 7th precincts respectively.

(Numbers last updated 7:36pm)


John A. Wilkes (D) John Ray Correll (R)
785 692


Jathan K. Wright (D) John D. Preble (R)
897 573

City Council

Stockton 3

Tony Richards (D)

Stockton 4

Richard “Dick” Kaiser (D) Linda Bedwell (I)
90 227

Stockton 5

Fred Markle (D)

Stockton 6

Jeff Sparks (D) Christopher M. Wathen (R)
178 172

Stockton 7

Jerry L. Ellett (D) Gregory R. Sapp (R)
190 138

Official election results can be found at

Lintonians of the Past: James M. Humphreys


Biography of James Madison Humphreys

Biography taken from: Biographical Memoirs of Greene County, Ind: With Reminiscences of Pioneer Days, Volume 3 -1908

James Madison Humphreys, funeral director and dealer in furniture, is a native of Greene county, born on Lot 3, of the original plat of Linton. March 6. 1859. His father, Madison Humphreys, also born in Greene county, belonged to one of the earliest pioneer families of this part of the state and the name has been intimately associated with the county from the beginning of its history. Madison Humphreys was a farmer by occupation, an honest, hard-working man, and most exemplary neighbor and citizen. By industry and thrift he accumulated a handsome competence, including valuable land, some of which is still in possession of his family. In his young manhood he married Elizabeth Lund, who was born in England, but came to this country with her parents in childhood and spent the remainder of her life in Greene county, Indiana, dying at the age of sixty-four, in 1897. Mr. Humphreys departed this life December. 1858, about three months prior to the birth of the subject of this sketch. Mr. and Mrs. Humphreys were the parents of three children that grew to maturity, the oldest of whom, a son, by the name of Richard, died shortly after attaining his majority. Clara E., widow of John Middleton, lives in Terre Haute. Several children died in infancy, of whom Stephen Hale received a name.

James M. Humphreys received a common school education, and. when old enough to begin life for himself, turned his hands to any kind of honorable labor he could find to do. In this way he spent the time until his twenty-first year, when he entered the Clark and Sullivan School of Embalming at Indianapolis to fit himself for the undertaking business, to which he had already devoted considerable attention. In due time (1895) he was graduated from that institution, after which he resumed control of the business he had established five years previous to that date, and which he has since conducted with success and financial profit, being at this time proprietor of the largest and most complete furniture and undertaking establishment in the city. Mr. Humphreys carries a full stock of the latest and most approved styles of furniture, also a complete line of caskets and other goods pertaining to sepulture, and, being an accomplished undertaker, familiar with every detail of the profession, his patronage has grown steadily in volume and importance until he now easily stands at the head of both lines of business in the city of Linton. Mr. Humphreys is a Democrat, but has never held office nor sought public honors of any kind. Like the majority of wide-awake enterprising men, he manifests a lively interest in fraternal matters, being an active and esteemed member of the Masonic, Elks and Odd Fellows orders, and also belongs to the insurance organization known as the Woodmen of the World, and in religion is identified with the Methodist Episcopal church.

On August 29, 1878, was solemnized the ceremony by which Mr. Humphreys and Ida B. Listman were made husband and wife. Mrs. Humphreys is a native of Stockton township, Greene county, the daughter of Francis A. and Caroline Listman, and has borne her husband five children, the oldest of whom, a son, by the name of Elmer, dying when only six months old: Ira O., the second son, is associated with his father in business. He is married and the father of one child. Homer L., the third in order of birth, employed in the store, is also a man of family, consisting of a wife and daughter. Oscar is his father’s assistant, and Mary, the youngest of the number, is pursuing her studies in the Linton schools.

Mr. Humphreys was chief of the first fire department and served fourteen years in the volunteer company and about three years after the city took up the work as paid department and is the only one now living of the first brigade.

Additional Bio Taken From Obituary: Linton Daily Citizen - April 7, 1939

From 1883 until 1915 Mr. Humphreys had been engaged in the funeral directing business n Linton. IN 1915, however, he sold out his interest to Harry Welch. Since 1895 he had been associated in the furniture business here with Peter Schloot and Seph Inman, and at the time of his death was a partner in the firm of Humphreys – Schloot and company.

In banking affairs, too, the deceased was widely know. He had been one of the principal organizers of the Linton Peoples Trust company, and at the time of his death was serving as vice-president of that banking institution.

He had been one of the organizers of the Fairview Cemetery association, and was acting as president of that association.

In park work, too, the deceased had been prominent in Linton. He was the main promoter of the Linton City park on “A” street northeast, and had served on the local City park board for many years. In recognition of his work with the park, members of the Linton City council recently voted to re-name the local recreational area “Humphreys Park,” in his honor.

James M. Humphreys Grave

Biographical Memoirs of Greene County, Indiana

Linton Historical Archives – Cloud Folder

Humphreys Park

Family Fun at Traffic Jam 2015!

Greene County General Hospital Foundation Hosts Second Annual

Traffic Jam

Car Show, Live Music, and Family Fun in Linton on June 20th

traffic jam

Linton, INJune 12, 2015 – The Greene County General Hospital Foundation will be hosting its second annual Traffic Jam on Saturday, June 20th at Humphrey’s Park in Linton. Traffic Jam is open to the public and serves as the primary fundraiser for the Foundation.

WHO: Greene County General Hospital Foundation


TRAFFIC – Car Show, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., registration open to the public, $15 per car, awards given!

JAM – Live Bands from 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.Traffice Jam postetr 10x16 (2)

Gun Raffle at 6:30 p.m. (Firearms for this year include a Ruger American .270 and a Beretta PX4 9mm.)

Farmers’ Market 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Rock Wall and Bounce Houses for kids 2 p.m. – 6 p.m. ($5 per child, $20 cap per family)

Free CPR and AED Training 2 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Gun Raffle at 6:30 p.m. (Firearms for this year include a Ruger American .270 and a Beretta PX4 9mm.)

Free Health Screenings all day

Food Vendors, Craft Vendors and more all day

WHEN: Saturday, June 20th, 2015

11 a.m. – 8 p.m. (The farmers’ market will open at 9 a.m.)

WHERE: Humphrey’s Park, Linton, IN

WHY: The Foundation supports improvements to Greene County General Hospital and provides health-related programs within the service area of Greene County General Hospital. Funds raised through Traffic Jam will directly benefit programs such as Free Tobacco Cessation Classes and Sweet Dreams Baby Bundles.  The Baby Bundles are designed to reduce high infant mortality rates by providing resources and supplies to new parents.  Soon, the Foundation will also offer free mammograms to underserved women.





Hospital Offers Summer Fitness Club

In partnership with our local Farmers’ Markets, Greene County General Hospital will be hosting a Summer Fitness Club! Join us for FIT and GREENE! as we walk and enjoy exercise classes on the courthouse square in Bloomfield and the Humphrey’s Park in Linton.

Signing up is easy and benefits the Greene County General Hospital Foundation!

How to Register:

  • Just visit our booth at the Bloomfield Farmers’ Market on the first and third Fridays of Walking-Club-Pic-e1327264849667
    each month (starting June 5th) and the Linton Farmers’ Market on the second and fourth Saturdays (starting May 30th).
  • For $10.00 you will receive a pedometer, a membership card, and eligibility to participate in the monthly drawing.
  • For $20.00 you will receive a pedometer, a membership card, eligibility to participate in the monthly drawing, and a season pass to fitness class offerings.
  • One time fitness class participation is available too for just $5.00!
  • All funds will go directly to the Greene County Hospital Foundation.

The more you participate, the more you earn! Participation earns you entries for our monthly drawing.  Remember, you must be registered for FIT and GREENE! to be eligible for the drawing!

How to earn extra entries:

  • Show up at the markets.* The GCGH booth will be at the Bloomfield market the first and third Friday of every month, and at the Linton market the second and fourth Saturday of every month. These are the ONLY locations where FIT and GREENE! fitness classes will be offered.
  • Walk at least four laps around the courthouse or two laps around the park during the market for one entry.*
  • Participate in the fitness class for an additional entry.*
  • Bring a friend! Get a friend to sign up and get an extra entry.*Outdoor fitness class
  • Walk EVERY day, and tell us how many steps you took on your GCGH pedometer! Take a picture or just post the digits, and use the hashtag #fitandgreene! Post up to once a day for an entry.  REMEMBER: You must tag us in your photo, write it directly on our wall, or use the hashtag #fitandgreene! or we will not be able to see your post!

*You must check in at the GCGH booth to claim your entries!

The more you walk and exercise, the more chances you have to earn great prizes like exercise equipment, t-shirts, and more! Drawings will occur on the first of each month during the market season.

There’s no better chance to get fit and get stuff this summer.  Join us for FIT and GREENE!

Questions?  Call Amy at (812) 847-5223 or email at

Recognition Received for Outstanding Work to Improve Patient Safety, Quality

The Indiana Hospital Association (IHA) recognized Greene County General Hospital last week at The Marten House in Indianapolis for their work to reduce patient harm by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent over the past three years. The recognition is based on the results of a national campaign known as Partnership for Patients, created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to improve quality and patient safety at hospitals nationwide.

Greene County General Hospital was one of 116 hospitals that partnered with IHA to form a statewide engagement network, Coalition for Care, and participate with the American Hospital Association’s Health Research and Educational Trust (HRET) in this ambitious initiative. These hospitals came together to work collaboratively on patient safety efforts, and not compete on safety.

Ryan Irish, Safety and Risk Management Officer; Kristin Crynes, Infection Control Nurse; and Melissa Abbott, Quality Control accepted a recognition banner on behalf of the organization. The banner was presented by Karin Kennedy of the Indiana Hospital Association.

Ryan Irish, Safety and Risk Management Officer; Kristin Crynes, Infection Control Nurse; and Melissa Abbott, Quality Control accepted a recognition banner on behalf of Greene County General Hospital. The banner was presented by Karin Kennedy of the Indiana Hospital Association.

“All of our physicians and staff at Greene County General Hospital should feel proud of the improvements we have achieved in regard to patient safety and quality,” said Melissa Abbott, RN, Quality Control. “By collaborating with IHA and applying the best practices that have been proven to work in our industry, we can provide even better treatment for our patients.”

Member hospitals attended educational sessions offered through IHA and HRET to address readmissions, falls and patient and family engagement, among others, and in the last three years, there have been 3,800 participants in educational programs. In 2014, 59 regional patient safety coalition meetings were held across the state.

“This is proof that efforts to identify harms and reduce readmissions are working. Our hospitals should be commended for their continued commitment to improving patient care. Indiana hospitals have had many accomplishments in the past three years, and will continue this work in 2015 to improve the overall health and well-being of our state,” said Doug Leonard, president of the Indiana Hospital Association.



Military Vet works to get special partner home

WORTHINGTON, Ind. (WTHI) – Sgt. Harvey Holt served in the air force nearly a decade ago. During his tour he saw action in the most dangerous parts of Iraq. While he was active, he was assigned a MWD (military working dog).

That dog’s name was Jjackson.

The unique spelling (two ‘j’s) comes from the military. Holt said he was initially unsure about his new partner because of his small size, but the two quickly developed a strong bond.

The two were tasked with seeking out and neutralizing IEDs and snipers. During that time, on multiple occasions, Holt said Jjackson played a role in saving his life.

“I tell people that everyday. If it wasn’t for that dog, you know I wouldn’t have made it emotionally back,” Holt said.

One specific time, Jjackson had to  relieve himself. As Holt’s vehicle pulled over, another military vehicle continued by them. That vehicle rolled over an IED. The explosion caused that vehicle to flip on Holt’s vehicle.  The ensuing mayhem eventually left Holt and Jjackson alone in a ditch for hours.

“I was laying on top of him. He laid there calm as could be, never fidgeting. He let me lay on top of him. We stayed in that ditch and in the water for all night, all day,” Holt said.

When Holt made it home, Jjackson was still active and was given to other handlers. However, Holt made it a goal to get his friend back. MWDs are officially property of the government, so Holt had to go through lots of red tape to formally adopt Jjackson.

“I remember telling Jjackson that if he got me home safe from these missions, that I would do everything in my power to bring him home and give him the life that he deserved,” Holt said.

Holt expects to pick up Jjackson in early March. However, he’s required to build a special kennel for Jjackson. It’ll cost nearly $2,000.

To find out how you can aid in this fundraising effort, visit this special Facebook page.




Two vehicles collide head on near Vigo / Park line

PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – An early morning crash sends two to the hospital.

The crash happened on US 41 near Villarosa Road in southern Parke County.

An investigation shows a Chevy pickup truck driven by 25-year-old Richard Sanders III, from Terre Haute was driving north on 41, when black ice caused him to lose control of the truck.

Sanders slid into the southbound lanes hitting a Volvo car being driven b 39-year-old Sharon Whitford from Rosedale.

Sanders and Whitford were both transported to Union Hospital in Clinton.
Sanders was cited for driving with no valid license and no insurance.

School admins battle winter worries


BLOOMFIELD, Ind. (WTHI) – The recent up and down weather is taking a toll on school scheduling around the Wabash Valley, and it’s causing stress for some educators.

News 10 traveled to the Bloomfield School District. Superintendent Dan Sichsting said that teachers and faculty are having to dramatically adapt their lessons.

They’re trying to stay ahead of the game, to cope with future snow days. One of their biggest concerns is that they won’t get enough time to prepare students for I-Step. Indiana has said they could delay the start date, but the stress of not knowing is a concern.

“It wares on you. It’s taxing physically. It’s taxing mentally. Just like winter is taxing physically and mentally for everyone, but it’s part of the job, ” Sichting said.

Other districts tell News 10 they have considered offering after school programs to help kids prepare for I-Step.

Greene County Health Welcomes Dr. Brent McDaniel

Greene County Health is pleased to welcome Brent McDaniel, DO, to its staff.

Dr. McDaniel joined Greene County Health-WestGate in mid-September. He is accepting new patients at Greene County Health-WestGate, the newest clinic in the Greene County Health family. It’s located in the Greene County portion of the WestGate @ Crane Technology Park at 1985 East Freedom Drive.

Aside from general family practice, Greene County Health-WestGate offers walk in appointments, lab collection, x-rays, and occupational health services including employee physicals and drug screenings.

Dr. McDaniel received his bachelor’s degree from Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro, Ky. He attended Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine in Pikeville, Ky., where he received his doctor of osteopathic medicine degree. He completed an internship in surgery at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Portsmouth, Va. He’s an active member of the United States Navy and serves as the General Medical Officer at NSA Crane.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. McDaniel, please call 812-863-4250.